Firefighters Crusie and Walden update
By Member Shawn Haight
December 30, 2022

The officers and members of the Slater Chemical Fire Company would like to congratulate Firefighter Gregory Crusie on his recent graduation from the City of Raleigh Fire Departments Fire Academy. Firefighter Crusie’s time with us wasn't long but he made quite the impression. We wish him all the best for a long and safe career.

Secondly, we would also like to congratulate Firefighter Shane Walden on his recent appointment to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Firefighter Walden has been a member of our department for the better part of 6 years and has been a reliable member with an array of knowledge. We wish him all the best as well for a lasting and well guarded course in his new role as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Our Carolina states are gaining two great assets!

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South Carolina Highway Patrol