Remember…Dial 911 in an emergency!
By Member Shawn Haight
July 9, 2024

Last night, shortly after midnight, one our firefighters took a phone call at the firehouse from a resident reporting their fire alarm going off and a burning odor in their home. Our firefighter instructed them to hang up and DIAL 911 immediately in order to initiate a full department response. While it is not uncommon for firefighters to be at the firehouse at various times of the day or night we are a 100% volunteer department and someone being there at any given time isn’t a guarantee. Thankfully the situation turned out to be minimal at the residents home. Please let this be a reminder to never call our social number at the firehouse as it can cause major delays in our response. Always call 911 to state your emergency. Thank you and Stay safe!

Units: 43-11, 43-12, and 43-31