A Thank You to Jeff Cable
By Member Shawn Haight
September 18, 2023

Please join the officers and members of the Glenham Fire Department in wishing Jeff and Linda Cable the best of luck as they relocate to South Carolina and officially begin their retirement. Jeff, like many other 16 year olds at the time, joined the fire service following in his father and grandfathers footsteps in February 1990. Jeff has held many positions throughout his time in the Glenham FD including Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief, Chief, Safety Officer, Vice President and Director. Jeff also recently retired from NYSDOCCS as a Corrections Officer at Green Haven Prison. At the time of his retirement, Jeff was serving as the Chief of their Fire Brigade. Jeff also proudly served on the Slaterpalooza committee for many years bringing music to the hamlet. In 2012, when Breezy Point, NY was severely impacted by Super Storm Sandy, Jeff, along with several other Glenham firefighters, went for 3 days and assisted with clean up. Jeff, the Glenham Fire Department thanks you for your 33 1/2 years of service to your community. You and Linda will be sorely missed. Don’t be strangers; be sure to come back and visit!


Peter Lynch September 18, 2023 at 9:59 PM
Jeff & Linda. Thank you for your service. Best wishes