Vehicle Extrication Training
By Member Shawn Haight
May 9, 2023

On Monday May 8th, The Glenham Fire Department trained on the use of our Hurst spreader and cutter tools known as the “Jaws of Life”. For our newer members this was their first time having the opportunity to get a feel for these tools and the power that they possess, and for more experienced members this was a good chance to refresh and ensure we are ready for any emergency these tools may be needed at. Firefighters had the opportunity to train on cribbing a vehicle, using the hurst tools to forcibly open and remove the doors, cutting the A,B,C, and D posts of the vehicle, removing the roof and then rolling the entire dashboard of the vehicle. Glenham Firefighters train to ensure we remain ready for whatever emergencies take place within and around our district.

Do you have a vehicle you’d be interested in donating to the department for us to use in training? There is a great tax benefit! Message us here on Facebook or visit us at for more information.